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Isabelle Mumford Mysteries

Let's Play Detective....

Interactive Murder Mystery Events

Isabelle Mumford is the most sought after detective in the whole country! Ms Mumford is hired by clients from all walks of life to solve scandalous crimes and using her skills of observation and interrogation, she always gets to the bottom of her case!

Isabelle Mumford has called on YOU to come and help solve her latest case……are you ready to play detective?

Isabelle Mumford Mysteries is an interactive murder mystery experience. As an audience member, you get the opportunity to play detective and help Isabelle Mumford solve a murder mystery! There are clues throughout the event to help you solve the murder mystery and win the title of ‘best detective’!

During the murder mystery you will have the opportunity to interrogate the suspects as well as enjoying scripted scenes packed with drama and plot twists….but can you figure out where the mystery will lead you?

Our murder mystery company is a little different however because we invite our audience to solve TWO crimes and win two prizes!

Isabelle Mumford Mysteries are perfect for fans of crime dramas, murder mysteries or just great fun nights out! Our murder mysteries are entertaining and interactive from the start and our professional actors remain in character throughout the evening to add to the fun.

Previous clients include:

• Blackwell Grange Golf Club
• Gisborough Hall Hotel
• Brockley Hall Hotel
• Cliffemount Hotel
• Treebridge Hotel & Restaurant
• Manor House at Pinchinthorpe

Along with corporate clients, team building events and private parties! Yes, private parties! We can even come and do a murder mystery in your house! We have a variety of murder mystery packages available! Contact us now to book your event.

Isabelle Mumford Mysteries is produced by Charm Productions UK

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