Isabelle Mumford Mysteries Plots


1900's - Scandal in the Suffragettes

The year is 1913 and among the women of Coventry WSPU, everyone is aghast with the news of Emily Davison's recent sacrifice to the cause. Everyone, that is, except Mrs. Frances Johnson, the head of Coventry WSPU. Someone has uncovered a dark secret about Mrs. Johnson's past and they are using it to blackmail her. With no other option, Isabelle Mumford is called in to find out who the blackmailer is and also who killed, the seemingly innocent, Miss Millie Gregson. This group of women has more secrets than the best of them and Miss Mumford intends to unveil the truth and bring justice to the suffragettes.

1920's: Grief for the Grosmont Family

Annabelle Grosmont has gone missing, presumed kidnapped, and Isabelle has been called in to find her; in the meantime, a scullery maid has been found with the sharp end of a cleaver in her back! Who took Annabelle? Who killed the maid? Who will win the first prize?

1920's: Gruesome Gambling

The year is 1923 and the Tilby Brothers are having a great time running the local racecourse but when accusations of dirty deals and cheating arise, Isabelle Mumford is called to solve the case….discreetly. Can Miss Mumford uncover the secrets of this family and does the brutal murder of the family patriarch have anything to do with their recent troubles...?

1920's: Halloween Horror

It’s mischief night, 1923 and there are spooks and scares around every corner…..The Tilby Brothers have once again found themselves in a spot of trouble and have called on Isabelle Mumford to help them but can she find out who vandalised their bar and killed their trusted bartender, Mickey?

1920's: Mistletoe, Music & Murder

It’s Christmas Eve 1928 and the staff at Sonny’s Speakeasy are in the Christmas spirit, but how long will they keep their spirits up after rival speakeasy owner, Fred Lowe is murdered and why is his widow hanging around Sonny’s causing trouble?.....  

1920's: Suffering of a Showgirl

We’re back at Sonny’s Speakeasy and this time Isabelle has been called in to find out who set fire to the bar causing Sonny’s to close down. The evening is set at the grand reopening of the speakeasy but on the big night, the new showgirl Jessica Hartley is found murdered in the dressing room. Who caused Jessica’s demise?

1920's: The Heist at Harrow Hall

The Grosmont family have lived at Harrow Hall for over 100 years, recently the family finances have taken a turn for the worse and the future of the family fortune is in question. Things are made worse when a prized painting is stolen from the family's art gallery and Isabelle is summoned to help find the culprit. Was it an inside job? How does this help the family? Does the death of the family solicitor have anything to do with it?

1920’s Jeopardy for the Jazz Singer:

Set in Sonny’s Speakeasy, Mia Miller is the widow of Sonny Miller who owned the popular Sonny’s Speakeasy. She has been running the joint without him but money has been stolen from the safe and Isabelle Mumford has been called in. Before Isabelle can solve the case, Gia is murdered. But whodunnit?

1950’s: Disaster at the Diner

Set in 1957, the event takes place at the AGM of family run ‘Dexter’s Dine ‘n’ Dance’ a local chain of diners. Gregory Dexter has called in our favourite detective to find out who stole an award-winning, secret recipe from the office safe. Isabelle is close to finding the thief when Dexter’s trusty head chef is found dead!

1970’s: Death at the Disco

The year is 1977 and disco is at it’s peak. Lots of people are riding the wave of disco’s success including Frank Johnson who owns a disco with his wife Rita. They have called Isabelle Mumford in to find out who is blackmailing them with evidence of cooking their books. While Isabelle is investigating, the disco’s temperamental DJ Gorgeous George is murdered and Isabelle has to figure out who the murderer is!

Ghosts, Ghouls and Grief - Modern Day Plot

Modern Day plot. It's Halloween and the Castleworth Community have planned a spooky ghost walk but there has been an arson attack on a recent business and Isabelle Mumford has been called to find out who set the fire but the night before the ghost walk is due to take place, the organiser becomes the victim of a grisly murder...

Hell In A Haunted House - Modern Day

A spooky Halloween murder mystery set in a haunted house! Max Taylor and his friends have planned a Haunted House Experience in an old mansion that is supposedly haunted but they have to call on Isabelle Mumford’s skills when they uncover a stash of stolen diamonds in the house. Soon after her arrival there is a dreadful murder!

Modern Day - Peril Among the Pumpkins

Local farm owner Molly Hill has arranged a pumpkin picking adventure but when her best friend is found dead inside her barn, Isabelle Mumford has to uncover the killer before it's too late....

Modern day: Deadly Dating Game

Cupid’s Bow Dating Agency is run by Alistair and Anthea Bowen, but the couple have found themselves at the centre of scandal! Made worse by the death of Alistair’s assistant, Kate. But who could have wanted her dead and was there more to Kate than meets the eye?

Modern Day: Villainy in the Village

The Castleworth Community Creative Collective are putting on a production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ which is turning into a nightmare! The head of the association is being blackmailed and the local magistrate, and leading actor, has been murdered! Can you solve the case before opening night?

The Death of the Director - Modern Day

Isabelle has been called in by renowned theatrical producer, Jonny Baxter, to investigate a simple case of blackmail but before she can uncover the culprit - tragedy strikes! Up and coming director, Darren Hilliard, has been found murdered! Can Ms Mumford unmask the killer and figure out who was blackmailing Jonny?

The Fall at Featherstone Towers - Modern Day

Frank Feathers has been designing luxury buildings for many years along with business partner Max Stone. Whilst working on their latest project, money has gone missing and feathers are flying! Isabelle Mumford has been called in to find the culprit behind the embezzlement.....but then Max takes a nasty fall off the new high-rise! Or was he pushed?

Victorian: Grim Games of the Gentry

You have been invited to the most elite soiree of the year! The shooting party at 'Mable Manor' is a time honoured tradition and the word has spread that Lord Charles Walworth intends to unveil a new painting he has recently acquired. However this has caused his closest friend Lord Alfred Sumner to call for Isabelle Mumford's help as Lord Sumner believes this painting to be the very same one that was stolen from one of his ships and when his faithful valet, Henry, is shot, Isabelle has her work cut out.